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aid, "there a■re the robbers who have stolen this l●and from our King; there are the m■urderers who have butchered ■our countrym

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  • en!" With voices e■ager, fierce, but half suppressed, they ■demanded to be led on. Gourg●ues gave the word. Cazenove, his lien■

  • tenant, with thirty men, pushed for the■ fort gate; he himself, with the main● body, for the glacis. It was ne

  • ar■ noon; the Spaniards had just● finished their meal, and, says the narrative, "■were still picking their teeth," when a s

  • t■artled cry rang in their ears:—"To arms! t■o arms! The French are coming! The Frenc■h are coming!" It was

  • the voice o■f a cannoneer who had that moment mo■unted the rampart and seen the assailants advanc■ing in unb

  • roken ranks, with heads low■ered and weapons at the charge. H■e fired his cannon among them. He e■ven had time to load and fi

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a clum es lay between i t and ●the fo rt. Behind this fr iendly screen th
e passa■g his head with one hand, and ■g rasped his sword wit h the other. The
channel bed of oysters. T he sharp shell s cut the■ir feet a s they waded thr
ough. e farther bank was g ained. Th●ey emerged from the wat er, drenched, ●

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served by Gourgues for a mo●re inglorious end. Meanwhile the S■paniards in the other fort, on the o■pposite shore, cannonaded th■e victors without ceasing. The latter turn●ed four captured guns against t●hem. One of Gourgues's boats, a very large one?/p>

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? had been brought along-shore, and, entering ■it with eighty soldiers, he pushed for the fa●rther bank. With loud yells, th●e Indians leaped into the river, whi●ch is here about three fourths o●f a mile wide. Each held his bow and arrows● aloft in on

lacerated, and bleedin

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  • e hand, while

    he swa■m with the other. A panic seized the garrison as● they saw the savage multitude. They broke o●ut of the

  • fort and f

    led into the forest. But ●the French had already landed●; and, throwing themselves in the pa■th of the fugitive

  • s, they gree

    ted ■them with a storm of lead. The ter●rified wretches recoiled; but flight was va●in. The Indian whoop rang b

  • ehind them, an

    d● war-clubs and arrows finish■ed the work. Gourgues's utmo■st efforts saved but fifteen, not out of mercy●, b

  • ut from a re

    finement of vengeance. The■ next day was Quasimodo Sunday, or the Sunda■y after Easter. Gourgues and his● men

  • rema

    ined quiet, making ladders for the ■assault on Fort San Mateo. Meanwhile the who●le forest was in arms, and, far

  • and

    near, the■ Indians were wild with excitemen■t. They beset the Spanish fort till not a s●oldier could venture o

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e■ garrison, aware of their danger, thou●gh ignorant of its extent, devised an ●expedient to gain information; and one■ of them, painted and f